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95% of British home owners are fearful of Bathroom Refurbishments


A study by DigitalBridge has revealed that almost three quarters of British homeowners wouldn’t know where to start when wanting a bathroom refurbishment.


Only 5% of 1,100 people in the UK say they are confident in knowing how to begin the process of a bathroom refurbishment. Interestingly, 55-64 year olds are the most uncertain about the prospect of undergoing a bathroom refit.


A further 74% of British people have little to know idea about the cost of having a new bathroom fitted.


If you are unsure about updating your bathroom, don’t hesitate to call Essex Builders today. We have an excellent knowledge of products and their capabilities and for your peace of mind we offer a 6 year warranty on notify-able work.


Essex University spends £12 million on a new science building.

Essex University’s new £12 million science and technology centre is set to be finished by the end of this year and be open to the students.

The new building will include the following subjects; Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.

The building will also include a wide number of teaching areas, Laboratories, exhibition space and a brand-new café.

The students will have access to new IT exploratory space which can seat up to 200 people at a time as well as a wet lab for the biological students that seats up to 180 people.

The University has hired Kier to work on the huge construction project.

If your looking for construction work to be done in Essex contact SX Building Services LTD.